About Coco Beyond

Trust. Integrity. Results.

These aren’t just buzzwords we throw around when describing ourselves. These are the
concrete principles we operate by. We weave them into our work every day, using them to
focus our efforts towards serving you better.

We’re Coco Beyond, a Brisbane real estate agency that combines corporate ideals and
innovation with small business passion and persistence. We’re a people-first organisation
with a fondness for thinking outside the box and a track record of achieving success through
courage and innovation.

We sell houses and we manage rentals, but ultimately, we build relationships. Since 2011
we’ve built ourselves into an integral part of the community, led from the front by our CEO
Paul Siaw. Paul has always placed people at the centre of his business ideals, and his long-
term employees, multiple return clients and growing customer base are testament to the
success of this approach.

When you work hard, you get results. And when you work hard whilst maintaining respect,
honesty and transparency, then people will talk about your good results. That’s how you get
a reputation, and Coco Beyond is extremely proud of the reputation we’ve built over
the years. It’s not contained within our local suburbs, but stretches across Queensland,
interstate and into international markets, particularly into Asia where we have built up a
very strong network.

Although we have numerous awards under our belts, the most important
thing to us is our client’s happiness. Happy sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants. Its why
suppliers want to work with us, it’s why our agents are some of the most sought-after in the
city and its why we’re talked about in a positive light from here to China.

So what are you waiting for? If you have any questions about real estate, please bring them
to the Coco Beyond team. We guarantee you nothing less than trusted, knowledgeable
advice, complete integrity and an open, honest and friendly conversation.

We look forward to talking soon.